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Finally... the truth is out!
Here's the information you need for a longer, healthier life -

Viruses * Bacteria * Infections * Yeast
Colds * Flu * Unstable Sugar Levels * Allergies
Low immunity * Constipation * Inflammation * Always Tired
Physical/Neurological Disorders * Toxicity * High Blood Pressure/Cholesterol

Do you suffer from any of these ailments? Well, these are just some of the health problems I've helped many clients alleviate through natural methods.

I believe there are answers in nature for many, if not most, health concerns. If we practice healthy habits and give our body the nutrients it needs, it has a wonderful way of healing itself. But we must be willing to: (1) take responsibility for our own good health, (2) search out what may work for us, and then (3) listen to our bodies to learn what does work.

In this letter, I'm going to reveal a health-building concept that's SIMPLE and TRUE. Because it's so simple, it's most often overlooked. ARE YOU READY? Here it is . . .

For the fastest road to complete health, the body MUST HAVE three things :

1. Oxygen * 2. Water * 3. Nutrients

See how simple that is? I know way down deep you already knew this, but has your doctor ever told you this? (If your health is ailing, then most probably not.) But how much and what kind?

After searching many years for the best, most economical, and easiest way to fulfill the body's health requirements, I've finally found the elements and products that have proven to work - and work relatively quickly:

  1. Drink plenty of Water. It's been stated that when we're born, our bodies contain 96% water. When most adults die prematurely, their bodies are found to be only 50% water. Makes you think, huh? Do you know how much water you should be drinking? The rule of thumb is one ounce of water per two pounds of body weight. In other words, if you weigh 150 lbs., half of that is 75. So you need to drink 75 ounces of water every day. Other beverages don't count, such as sodas, coffee, tea, milk, beer, etc. Water only. What kind of water? Purified or filtered water is acceptable, but hexagonal water is the best.
  2. Coral Calcium brings the body's pH level up. If you have a health problem, most likely you are acidic. Research shows that unless the body's pH level is slightly alkaline, the body cannot heal itself. So, no matter what type of modality you choose to use to take care of your health problem, it won't be effective until the pH level is up. Tests from accredited laboratories show that coral calcium contains calcium, magnesium, and all the other major and trace minerals in a form your body can easily assimilate. There are no risks whatsoever of metal toxicity when taken in this form since the body will regulate what it needs by itself; all excess is removed naturally through normal bodily functions.
  3. Coral Calcium plus Power Source 100 or Sun Energy provides all the basic nutrients the body needs: 67 minerals 17 vitamins, 12 amino acids, and 3 fatty acids. Very easy, economical, and EFFECTIVE. If taking pills is a problem, then try the all-in-one liquid nutrition called NutraBurst.

    The following are optional, depending on your health status and lifestyle:

  4. Vitamin O is stabilized oxygen in liquid form that quickly elevates the body's oxygen level in as little as 10 minutes. The more oxygen we have in our system, the more energy we produce. This formulation is safe to use topically as well as sublingually.
  5. Cordyceps is a powerful life enhancing tonic that helps restore normal functioning of various parts of the body, stimulates the immune and circulatory systems, and promotes energy, vitality, and longevity. It even helps improve sex drive, sexual desire and potency, physical endurance, and alleviates fatigue.
  6. Maximizer Digestive Enzymes are the most potent I've ever used. When we eat cooked food, all enzymes are killed. That's why it's so important to supplement our cooked meals with enzymes to ensure digestion, assimilation, and elimination.
  7. Ellagic Acid is a very potent antioxidant - reportedly 80 to 550 times stronger than Vitamin E! Derived from the seeds of red raspberries, lab tests show it helps to lower the incidence of birth defects, promotes wound healing, reduces heart disease, reduces or reverses liver fibrosis, and arrests cancer cells.
  8. Young Living Essential Oils are a MUST for every household for fast therapeutic relief. Did you know that essential oils like Lavender, Peppermint, Thieves, and Lemongrass were used long before herbs? My family and I experience quicker healing time and NO side effects with these pure essential oils. Not only do essential oils provide therapeutic relief, but they also oxygenate all the cells in your body!

Sometimes the effects of these products take action immediately; others may take 60 to 90 days to achieve obvious results. But if you're consistent in your daily intake of adequate Oxygen, Water , and Nutrients , you WILL receive positive health results!

What about the obvious, like improving the diet and exercise? I haven't mentioned any of that. That's because when you fill your body with adequate Oxygen, Water, and Nutrients, you'll find you no longer crave sweets, alcoholic beverages, chocolate, etc. In other words, you'll NATURALLY WANT to eat healthier foods. And since your body's getting all the Oxygen, Water, and Nutrients it needs, you'll feel your energy level increase, and thus you'll WANT to get off the couch and be more active physically. It's just a natural progression: You feel better, so you do more things, be more active . . . be happier . . . become more alive.

Hard to believe? I encourage you to use the suggested elements for 90 days and discover how much better you feel.

Take your time to read over the information. THERE'S A LOT OF INFORMATION HERE TO DIGEST! When you're ready, call upon me for my experience in helping people feel better by natural methods. In fact, in my own family, we no longer have allergies and haven't had any major colds or flu in over 3 years! That's pretty awesome considering there are 9 in our household.

Call me at (714) 521-1284 for a free phone consultation. Take advantage of my expertise in determining your individual needs. Just call me. I'm here to help you!

Karen Brunner, RNC
Registered Nutritional Consultant
Biokinesiology Practitioner

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