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What is an Enzyme?

Enzymes are the spark of life -- they run your entire body. You couldn't digest or absorb food, walk, talk, or even breathe without them. Enzymes are living substances that must be activated by a certain pH range, a certain temperature range, moisture, and coenzymes (vitamins and minerals).

Vitamins and minerals are familiar to most people, but they don't realize that vitamins aren't activated until they join enzymes. You can swallow pounds of vitamins and minerals but without enzymes, nothing works and you're wasting your money.

An "enzyme" acts in certain ways in the body to do specific jobs such as

Enzymes are the workers in your body -- they carry out every chemical reaction. To have a healthy body you need both workers (enzymes) and building materials. The building materials are proteins (amino acids), minerals, and vitamins. All of these are necessary to build a healthy body. Trying to function without all the necessary enzymes is like trying to build a house all by yourself in one day.

The Amish are able to put up a three-story barn in 24 hours because the whole community, even the little children, works on it. Compare that with having all the enzymes you need in your body so your system can function properly. We need to have enough enzymes in our bodies to do the job right!

The first person to actively study enzymes was Dr. Edward Howell in the 1930s. He determined that your quality of life and energy level depend on enzymes. If you're low on enzymes, then you're out of workers and there's nobody to build your "house." It's this lack of enzymes that causes health problems.

Types of Enzymes

There are three major classes of enzymes: Nature has placed enzymes in food to digest everything you eat: starches, fats, protein, fiber, sugars, and dairy foods - instead of forcing the enzymes secreted in our bodies to do all of the work.

There are seven categories of food enzymes:

There are two ways to preserve and replenish our enzyme level: by eating raw food and by taking enzyme supplements.

Why Take Enzymes?

We inherited an enzyme reserve at birth and this quantity is decreased as time goes by from an enzyme deficient diet. As we become enzyme deficient, we age faster. The more we store up our enzyme reserve, the healthier we'll be.

A nursing mother provides her baby with all the enzymes he needs to digest her milk. Have you ever noticed that the stool of a breast-fed baby doesn't stink? It's only when a baby starts eating cooked, processed food that his stool begins to stink.

This happens because the cooked food won't digest properly and travels, undigested, into the small intestine. (Once we cook food at high temperatures of 118 degrees F. or more, enzymes are destroyed and no longer work.) It's the beginning of the toxemia cycle (undigested food putrefying in the bowel tract that continues to poison the blood), which is the root of all disease.

Do you understand what that means? It means we're poisoning our own bodies through undigested food!

It's been estimated that 80% of diseases are caused by improperly digested foods and their by-products being absorbed into the body ("Survival into the 21st Century" by Viktoras Kulvinskas).

Who Should Take Enzymes?

If you're sick or trying to recover from an acute or a chronic disease, taking enzyme supplements would be beneficial. People with hypoglycemia, endocrine gland deficiencies, obesity, anorexia nervosa, and stress-related problems, could all benefit from multiple and individual enzyme supplementation. During all acute and chronic illnesses, enzymes are used up more rapidly than normal.

Individual enzymes have also been used to alleviate skin ailments (psoriasis, acne, eruptions, stretch marks, etc.), chronic inflammation, cardiovascular disease, circulatory problems, high blood pressure, arteriosclerosis, high cholesterol, fatigue, Epstein-Barr Syndrome, asthma, allergies, arthritis, swelling, bee stings, joint mobility, diabetes, respiratory ailments, viruses, bacteria, mutant cells, fever, all types of infections (including colds, flu, sore throat, yeast), parasites, Candida albicans, multiple sclerosis, fibromyalgia, tumors, depression, anxiety, ADD/ADHD and insomnia.

What if you're already healthy and active? You may already be taking vitamins, minerals, and other concentrated foods. What makes all of these elements work? Enzymes.

Athletes and other active individuals can benefit by taking enzyme supplements because any time the body temperature is raised, as during exercise, enzymes are used up more rapidly than normal. Carbohydrates are burned more rapidly, and more nutrients are needed for fuel supplies. The active individual usually eats mostly cooked food so it's like burning the candle at both ends. Enzymes are used up rapidly and little is brought in to replenish the supply.

As you grow more health-conscious, you strive for a greater enjoyment of life. More energy, and a stronger mind and body will be needed to face the stresses that the future will bring. Enzymes can be instrumental in achieving such a goal.

How Do You Know The Enzymes Are Working?

One of the ways is in what you DON'T experience: no indigestion, no bloating, no stomach gas, no heartburn, or flatulence caused by incomplete digestion.

What you WILL experience is an increase in formed bowel movements - at least 1 to 2 times a day, usually after every meal - "one meal in, one meal out." Also, these movements will not have a foul odor. When this happens, it means your food is being digested properly and used by your body instead of sitting in your intestines to rot and putrefy.

You may experience mild symptoms of cleansing such as acne, bloating, gas, dull headaches or queasiness. These are only temporary. If you experience discomfort, make sure you drink 8 to 10 glasses of water a day to reduce the cleansing symptoms and get at least 10 to 15 minutes of exercise daily.

It's been clinically proven that the more enzymes you take, the quicker your body can repair, restore, and strengthen itself, sometimes taking a few days to a few weeks. (Allergy symptoms usually disappear 1 hr. after taking Amylase!) However, for minimal usage, you must wait at least 3 to 4 months before evaluating your results. It takes time to re-educate the body's natural ability to repair, restore, and strengthen itself, so be patient.

You'll also notice changes in your body. Your body can do magnificent healing on its own, given the proper nutrients.

In my case, I had initially taken enzymes for weight loss. I wanted to lose 20 lbs. After taking the basic nutrients and enzymes after a month, I had no change in weight, but what I realized at that time was that my body was alot sicker than I thought it was.

After all, I had no physical complaints other than being overweight. I DID have some joint stiffness in my left elbow, but that is gone now. I'm 39 years old with no arthritis, heart problems, or diabetes (I've a family history of all 3). Yes, I've been truly blessed that way. BUT I'm a mother of 7, so you can imagine what my poor body has been through during my childbearing years. I have stretch marks all over my stomach, thighs, and breasts. And out of those 7 live births, 5 of them were by C-Section. So that adds 5 surgeries (and scars!) to my list. My youngest was born 6 years ago, so I figured enough time has gone by and my body was ready to lose the weight I had gained over all those years.

I didn't realize that my body still needed healing internally. I didn't know I had Candida, a yeast infection. The protease and amylase enzymes are clearing that up. What's really exciting though, even though I haven't lost any weight, my body is changing. My stretch marks are disappearing (I hadn't expected that!!) and I'm actually showing muscles in my arms and legs! That's exciting because I don't hardly exercise at all -- maybe 10 minutes a day.

When my body's truly ready, I have no doubt the weight will come off. But you know, that's secondary compared to the way my body's starting to change and improve.

Dr. Bernard Jensen wrote in his book "Tissue Cleansing Through Bowel Management" that "...the greatest healing power comes from within out. We find that healing comes according to the one law...; that is 'Hering's Law of Cure.' It states that 'All cure starts from within out and from the head down and in reverse order as the symptoms have appeared.'"

Do you understand what that means? This means we have to return over the same "track" we traveled to get the disease. That's what my body's doing right now.

Let me repeat: Your body can do magnificent healing on its own, given the proper nutrients.

Another important thing to remember is to include L. Salivarius and L. Plantarum in your daily regimen of dietary supplements. These two friendly bacteria work to restore the proper balance of bacteria in your intestinal flora, attacking many of the unfriendly bacteria and other detrimental "invaders" while promoting the growth of beneficial organisms. These hard-working probiotics (pro = for, biotics = life) produce a variety of substances that can prevent cancerous tumors, deactivate viruses, produce natural antibodies, reduce cholesterol, and enhance the immune system.

A Story About Long Life

Here's a short story you might enjoy about one of the longest lived men in Western history as written in J. Oswold Empringham's book, "Pandora's Box -- What To Eat and Why."

Westminster Abbey was begun by King Lucius in A.D. 170. The vaults are crowded with illustrious dead whose monuments cover the walls of the vast church. One of the smallest slabs -- more interesting than all the fine marbles to princes and poets -- says:

"Thomas Parr of ye county of Salopp, born A.D. 1482. He lived in ye reigns of ten kings: Edward IV, Edward V, Richard III, Henry VII, Henry VIII, Edward VI, Mary, Elizabeth, James I, Charles I. Buried here November 15, 1635. Aged 152 years."

Before Parr was interred in Westminster, his history was carefully investigated. The parish register of his native village proves he was baptized in 1483. Legal documents and court entries show that he inherited a small farm from his father in 1560, and that he took a wife three years later when eighty. He married again in 1605 at the age of 122. When over 130 he pleaded guilty, in court, to the charge of being the father of an illegitimate child. He was a farmer all his life. His great age attracted the notice of the King who invited him to the palace for a visit, as the King wished to investigate his exceptional longevity.

Parr's last days were spent in the palace. History says his perfect faculties and marvelous memory made him a matchless entertainer. No wonder -- what reminiscences a man, who lived in ten reigns, must have had!

After Parr's death, Harvey, who discovered the circulation of the blood, made an autopsy, by order of King Charles, to find out why he lived so long. The great surgeon's report in Latin, still preserved, states that Parr died from acute indigestion brought on by indulgence in unaccustomed luxuries.

All of the old man's organs were in perfect condition and Harvey describes the colon as normal in position and in other respects like that of a child.

Modern microbiologists say that in this report Harvey unknowingly reveals the secret of Parr's long life, because his minute description of the intestines proves that the congenital, protective flora had not been lost.

What's Next?

Today's a new day. We no longer have to carry skeletons in our closets. We no longer have to function on 2nd grade information or even 12th grade information; we can choose what grade of consciousness we want to live in. The Muscular Dystrophy campaign phrase "Your Change is the Key to the Cure" has more portent than we realize.

Enzymes taken on an empty stomach will get into the blood and clean it. Enzymes taken with meals will thoroughly digest food. Deficiency diseases can be eliminated or avoided with the proper nutrition taken on a daily basis.

It's important that you use potent, medical grade, plant-based enzymes -- available individually as well as a complex of sucrase, lactase, protease, amylase, lipase, cellulase, and maltase -- and probiotics.

The choice is all yours.

You've learned about a simple, convenient plant concentrate that ... You've discovered a 100% natural method to ... You've found that enzymes asssure ... Today you discovered that enzymes save lives: no illness is incurable.

Follow the nutritive suggestions you've learned for at least 90 days, and take careful note of the many improvements in the way you look and feel. You'll be amazed!

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